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Health Insurance

HAESF and CIEE are committed to helping you have a successful, enjoyable, and safe experience. Generally, most HAESF Fellows complete their programs without facing any major health or safety crises. However, accidents do happen, so it is important that you have prepared yourself for some of the challenges associated with the US health care system.

Health Insurance

HAESF, through CIEE, provides all Interns and Senior Fellows under our legal sponsorship with coverage against the typical risks associated with international traveling, such as accidents, sudden illnesses and more. Since it is a travel insurance policy for a temporary stay abroad, some limitations and exclusions apply. As a general rule, medical emergencies and most sicknesses are covered. The plan does not cover routine doctor visits, regular dental treatment, nor does it cover any treatment for pre-existing conditions.

For more detailed information on the specifics of your insurance policy, please visit

Dates of Insurance Coverage

The “Confirmation of Insurance Coverage” form you received with your visa pre-departure package outlines the exact dates that you will be covered.

Your travel insurance policy comes into effect once you have legally entered the US. In addition to being covered while you are in the US, you will also be covered on any trips you might take to neighboring countries (e.g. to Canada or Mexico) while you are still being sponsored by CIEE. Any trips taken to Hungary are not covered by this insurance policy, and coverage expires as of the expiration date stated on the document “Confirmation of Insurance Coverage,” or when a participant withdraws or in the event they are dismissed from the program.

Please note that if you plan to travel during the optional 30-day travel period after your program ends, you need to make sure that you include this travel time in your original program dates. You will not be able to purchase any additional insurance once you arrive in the US.  

Need to visit a doctor?

If you need to see a physician, it is best to make an appointment first. HAESF recommends that once you know address of where you will be staying, you should locate some doctors and a hospital in your area that are part of the AETNA network.

You can easily find Doctors in the AETNA network by clicking on the DocFind link provided here or by visiting You can also contact CIEE at 1-888-268-6245.

Remember to bring your insurance ID Card located on your Confirmation of Insurance form. Once in the waiting room you'll have to fill out a form with your name, address, social security number and information regarding your health insurance. You will also be required to pay a copay for your visit so be prepared to pay for this at the time of your visit.

Unless you need emergency treatment, it is best NOT to go to a hospital "Emergency Room" to see a doctor. You should use these facilities for emergencies only as they tend to be quite costly and you may be liable for some costs.

If a doctor treats you for a non-emergency, you may have to pay the bill first and then file a claim with CIEE for reimbursement. It is therefore important to keep careful records and receipts of all medical services.

"Walk-in clinics" have sprung up all around the country in recent years. They offer an alternative to seeing a private physician or going to a hospital emergency room. They tend to be less costly, and for people who do not have a continuing relationship with a doctor they can be a good choice.

If you are hospitalized for an emergency you should contact CIEE immediately at 1-888-268-6245. Please make sure to have the policy number and emergency phone numbers easily accessible so others can find them if necessary.

Insurance Support

CIEE Customer Service representatives can help you manage any insurance-related issues that you might experience and are always working to:

  • Assist with any questions or concerns participants have on CIEE insurance
  • Educate participants about benefits, exclusions and claim filing procedures
  • Help Manage emergencies and critical insurance cases
  • Review disputed claims and assist participants with appeals

If you encounter problems while dealing with an insurance claim, feel free to contact CIEE at 1-888-268-6245 or email . CIEE staff will review your claim, and can communicate with any medical providers on your behalf. This service is free and offered to all participants.