After 13 years of investing in human capital, more than 400 alumni, and many success stories, we are no longer accepting scholarship applications for the Professional Internship and Senior Fellows programs. Please monitor this website for further programming.



Enrichment Trip

All Professional Interns will have the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurial-themed enrichment trip during their internship. The objectives of the enrichment trip are to add to Fellows’ professional development by learning about a topic through meetings with influential business leaders and to provide an opportunity for professional networking. Enrichment trip activities also help participants become acquainted with the region and unique culture of the specific location.

When do enrichment trips occur?

For Professional Interns who begin their internship in the spring, the enrichment trip will take place the following fall—usually October or November. For Fellows who begin in the Fall, the trip is scheduled for the spring—usually March or April.

Who can participate?

Participation in the enrichment trip is for Professional Interns only. As a program feature of the Professional Internship scholarship, it is expected that all Professional Interns will participate. When the dates for the trip are finalized, CIEE will contact internship supervisors to be sure that internship schedules allow for participation.

Who makes the arrangements?

CIEE will make all arrangements for the trip, including choosing the theme and venue, arranging presentations, and hotel arrangements. All expenses of the trip are paid by HAESF. Participants are responsible just for their transportation to and from their home and enrichment trip airports and personal spending money. Just before the trip, participants will receive an itinerary with program highlights, dress code details, and contact information.

Recent Enrichment Trips

Spring 2015, Energy, Medical, Aerospace
Houston, TX

The group traveled the Houston, a location known for its “trinity” of industry: Energy, Medicine and Aerospace. Participants were able to experience high-level tours of Houston Methodist Hospital (augmented reality, medical robotics), NASA’s Johnson Space Center (home of the Apollo Mission Control Center for the moon landings) and the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (International Day).

Fall 2014, Entrepreneurship
Los Angeles, CA

Five days in LA allowed the group to visit a cutting edge co-working space in Santa Monica, participate in a presentation at the Small Business Administration in Glendale, and a presentation by USAID’s Stephen Eastham; lastly, the group attended a formal dinner and networking event with Board members, honorary consuls and foundation staff at the beautiful Reagan Library in Simi Valley. Other cultural highlights included a fun event on the famous Santa Monica Pier, a bus tour of Hollywood, and plenty of time on the beach.