After 13 years of investing in human capital, more than 400 alumni, and many success stories, we are no longer accepting scholarship applications for the Professional Internship and Senior Fellows programs. Please monitor this website for further programming.



Role of the Host Company

To host one of our qualified internship candidates, companies must abide by a few basic program regulations.

Internship/Training Placement Plan

To host an international intern candidate through our highly regarded program, CIEE in conjunction with the Host Organization will complete a two page Internship/Training Placement Plan. This form serves to set clear expectations for both Host Organization and Intern, helping to make sure that this experience proves rewarding for both parties. Any material change to the Placement Plan during the program requires prior approval from CIEE.


As you would for any intern or employee, your company should also be able to provide ongoing supervision. This can be through a designated mentor or supervisor who should be able to evaluate the Intern periodically throughout the program, providing him or her with feedback to aid his or her professional development. To ensure program satisfaction and fulfill a Department of State regulation, HAESF also requires the supervisor complete a short evaluation midway and at the end of the Intern's program. These will be e-mailed to both parties at the appropriate time and should be returned within 10 business days.


CIEE runs a twenty-four hour emergency support line for all program participants. In the event of an emergency involving the Intern, Host Companies agree to notify CIEE as soon as possible at 1-888-268-6245.  

HAESF Home Country Residency Requirement

The Hungarian-American Enterprise Scholarship Fund's (HAESF) objective is to promote free enterprise and development in Hungary by creating opportunities for accomplished Hungarians and those of great promise to gain professional experience in the United States, thereby enhancing their contribution to Hungarian society.

To fulfill that objective, Interns are required to return to Hungary for a minimum of two years upon completion of the HAESF program. Host Organizations must not sponsor or attempt to sponsor the Intern for any employment purposes in the U.S. or any other foreign country, except Hungary.