After 13 years of investing in human capital, more than 400 alumni, and many success stories, we are no longer accepting scholarship applications for the Professional Internship and Senior Fellows programs. Please monitor this website for further programming.



Why work with HAESF?

Since 2004, HAESF has sourced over 250 successful internship candidates at prominent US companies and organizations. While a company’s reason for participating may vary, it is clear that the program does benefit companies in a number of key ways.

Talent : HAESF selects only the best talent from a vast pool of qualified senior and graduate students from elite Hungarian universities. HAESF conducts a rigorous selection process to ensure that internship candidates have the personal qualities, professional skills and English proficiency to excel at your organization.

No-Cost Commitment : All our participants receive generous living stipends, health insurance and program support to assist them throughout their stay in the US. HAESF also arranges all necessary visa sponsorship and work authorization. Thus you can receive a qualified, highly motivated employee without any salary/benefit requirements, or full-time hiring commitment.

Competitive Advantage : For companies operating internationally or working on transatlantic projects, it is also an effective way to broaden your company's knowledge base and expertise on European Union markets. Our intern candidates contribute not only their professional competencies but also insight on new market opportunities, fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to better serve your clients.

Human Resources Investment : For companies with a presence in Hungary or Central Europe, it is an effective way to attract new talent and compete in an increasingly global market.

Diversity : Hosting an international intern through our established and highly regarded program can serve to diversify your workforce. An international intern can open your staff up to new perspectives, creating a more dynamic office environment that fosters new ideas and a global way of thinking.

Flexibility : Our internship program is meant to be flexible and mutually beneficial for the hosting organization. Host Companies direct the make up of the internship and set program expectations through an official training plan. Therefore your company decides what projects and duties the intern is meant to do. We can also be flexible regarding program begin dates and duration to match your business cycles.

Past Host Organizations

HAESF has a track record of working with an exceptional group of leading American companies who have embraced a unique opportunity to bring an international dimension to their workplace. Past organizations include:

Business and Finance American Airlines
Blackmore Partners, Ltd.
Boston Consulting Group
Braver Group
Elegran Real Estate and Development Services
Federal Reserve Bank
Foster’s Wine Estates
Friedman, Billings and Ramsey
Garcia & Company
GE: General Electric
Indiana Department of Revenue
IXL Center for Innovation, Excellence and Leadership
Lloyds TSB Bank
Porter Novelli
Riverside Company
Siemens Venture Capital
Software Equity Group LLC
Wakabayashi Fund LLC
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Education Council of Great City Schools
RMC Research Corp.
University of Oregon Library Systems
Information Technology Aruba Networks
Avaya, Inc.
GeoSpatial Services Institute, Saint Mary’s University
Graphisoft R&D, Inc.
Lyra Research
SAP Labs
Signature Devices, Inc.
Drexel University, Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)
International Relations and Public Policy Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange
Amnesty International
Atlantic Council of the U.S.
Brookings Institution
Chemonics International, Inc.
Center for Energy and Environmental Security (CEES)
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Hudson Institute
International Rescue Committee
New York City, Department of City Planning
PFC Energy
United Nationsv
U.S. Committee for UN Development Programs
Media Communications & Arts Arizona Daily Sun
Engel Entertainment
Exit Art
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Silver Sound Studios
1171 Production Group
Natural Resources ExxonMobil
Natural Resources Research Institute
Placer Dome
Public Health and Medicine Boston University Medical School, Dermatology Department
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Center for Neural Science, NY University
Harvard Medical School
Hungarian Medical Association of America at SUNY
Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami
Joslin Diabetes Center
Mayo Clinic
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Mirage Center
Pan American Health Organization
Pfizer, Inc.
University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine
Yale University, School of Medicine
Science & Engineering Boston Scientific
Genzyme Corporation
Georgia Institute of Technology
Johns Hopkins University, Center for Computer Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology
Milwaukee School of Engineering, Rapid Prototyping Center (RPC)
NASA's AMES Astro-biological Research Center
NeuroNexas Technologies
Northwestern University, Center for Advanced Cement - Based Materials (ACBM)
SSFM International
The Louis Berger Group
Thomas Jefferson University, Department of Pathology, Anatomy & Cell Biology
University of South Carolina - Environmental Genetic Engineering
USDA Agricultural Research Service