After 13 years of investing in human capital, more than 400 alumni, and many success stories, we are no longer accepting scholarship applications for the Professional Internship and Senior Fellows programs. Please monitor this website for further programming.



Open Positions

In our efforts to attract promising future leaders and further promote free enterprise and development in Hungary, HAESF offers open internship/training positions in certain industries and fields.

Most internship placements are developed individually, and it’s very important for accepted candidates to participate actively in the Host Organization research process. HAESF staff in the US work with accepted candidates to identify appropriate Host Organizations based on the professional and career goals outlined in applicants’ personal statements and interviews. Host Organizations are most often identified after applicants are accepted into the Professional Internship Program.

The Host Organizations listed below represent just a few of the opportunities that are open to HAESF Professional Interns. The positions described below are available in Host Organizations that are particularly interested in hosting HAESF Professional Interns. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply. Please click on the position below to view that position's summary sheet.

Host Organization Field of Training Region Duration

RMC Research Corporation
Consulting Portsmouth, NH 12 months
A research, evaluation, training, technical consulting, and product development firm, RMC Research serves educational and human services agencies of federal, state, and local governments as well as private foundations and providers of educational products and services.

Maine International Trade Center
Trade Development and Consulting Portland, ME 12 months
As a center for export promotion and trade development, MITC works with private companies and State, Regional, Federal, and Foreign government agencies to expand the Maine economy internationally.

Position Summary

Marketing, Branding, and Communications New York, NY 12 months
Edelman is a full service global public relations firm. Work closely with leadership in the global CSR & Sustainability Practice and the Brand and Corporate Citizenship team to develop future-oriented points of view and processes related to the intersection of citizenship, cause branding, corporate reputation, social issues management, and CSR.

Position Summary

Element Markets
Business, IT, and Engineering Houston, TX 12 months
Element Markets is an innovative carbon management and alternative energy company. Its services span the greenhouse gas, emission, and renewable energy credit markets. Element Markets also develop renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction projects.

Position Summaries: Information Technology, Engineering, Analyst

The Iowa City Foreign Relations Council and the Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities
The Iowa City Foreign Relations Council (ICFRC)
Nonprofit, Educational and Cultural Management, U.S. Foreign Policy and International Relations, Tourism and Hospitality Iowa City, Iowa, and the area - as far as Chicago Minimum of 6 months
Sharing an office and staff, ICFRC and CIVIC are nonprofit community organizations hosting the international visitors of the US government's exchange programs and lectures about US foreign policy and international issues.

Position Summary


Applicants are subject to all eligibility requirements, please visit the Who can apply? section of the website for complete details. Beyond meeting basic program eligibility, you must also match the company's preferred academic background, and posses all professional skills listed on the summary. In order to take full advantage of the internship/training opportunity offered, applicants should also consider whether or not they are able to complete the full duration.

How to Apply

Interested applicants should apply to HAESF by submitting all Professional Internship Program application materials as instructed under the Application Process. On the application clearly indicate the position to which you are applying for.

Applicants will be evaluated to ensure their background matches the requirements of the host organization that is offering the position. Placements are subject to review/approval by the host organization and therefore, cannot be guaranteed. Applicants are encouraged to provide alternative placements preferences.

Materials and applications must be submitted directly to HAESF. Applicants who contact the above referenced companies directly are automatically disqualified from participation.