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Your resume will be an important factor in applying for the HAESF Professional Internship Program and later in securing a placement with an American company or organization. Getting your resume up-to-date can be quite challenging, and even more so when you have to consider cultural and legal differences that pertain to resume presentation in Europe and the USA. The information below, although not all-inclusive, will provide you with a general overview of resume-writing standards in the U.S. and guide you in developing your resume with the marketing approach in mind.

Personal Information

In the US, it is not acceptable to include any personal information, such as sex, age, race, religion or marital status, on your resume. It is mainly due to equal opportunity laws that protect job seekers against employment discrimination. In contrast, it is common practice in Europe to provide this type of personal detail, often along with one's current photo (not standard but acceptable practice in the US, especially for international applicants).

Resume Emphasis

When dealing with the United States, the choice of a resume – an account of one's professional experience and qualifications - is commonly used over CV (curriculum vitae) - a summary of one's academic and work history. The key difference is the American emphasis on one's experience and accomplishments as opposed to academic institutions and companies that one studied at or worked for. The most prominent part of a resume should be Professional/Work Experience that details one's tasks and responsibilities. It is advisable to use action words such as ‘conducted, performed, established, identified etc.' to convey a sense of accomplishment.


Another important issue to consider is the order of the information. The U.S. uses reverse chronological order for employment dates, where the most recent position is listed first.


A resume in the U.S. is often expected to be limited to one page as opposed to CV-package approach in Europe. Only the information that is most relevant to the position one is applying for should be listed. Academic details such as classes taken are of less importance than professional experience that shows one's skills and accomplishments.

Resume Template

To summarize the information above and give you a visual representation of how it translates into an actual resume, HAESF has developed a downloadable Resume Template (Word Document) to be used when applying for the HAESF Fellowship.