How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Hungarian-American Enterprise Scholarship Fund(HAESF) Senior Leaders and Scholars Fellowship. The following checklist will help you gather the documents required to complete your application. You must complete the application in its entirety and submit all required documents by the published deadline.

If you have questions while you are working on your application, please see the application overview page and/or contact us:

HAESF Senior Leaders and Scholars Fellowship Application Checklist

  • Application: Download the form here, complete it, and save it (PDF).
  • Passport-Sized Photo: (JPG).
  • Résumé or CV: (PDF)
  • Letter of Invitation from your U.S. Host Institution: (PDF)
    Letter of invitation from your U.S. host institution. The letter should state the length of the hosting period and the resources available to you (e.g., office/lab space, equipment and supplies, library access, etc.)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation: (PDF)
    At least one of the letters should be from your home institution.
  • Statement of Proposed Study or Research: (PDF)
    This essay should describe your research plans and your reasons for wishing to undertake them. Considerable weight is given to this statement in the selection of candidates. It should be as specific and well-defined as possible. The project proposal will be evaluated in terms of (a) its validity as a scholarly undertaking, (b) its feasibility (e.g., Can the project be completed in one year? Is the candidate’s formal training adequate for the project?), and (c) its potential impact and benefit for the home institution or home country upon completion. The statement should include
    • Title
    • Summary/abstract of project goals and objectives
    • Detailed description of project
    • Dates and duration of project
    • Specific information concerning resources available only at the host institution (e.g., special collections, equipment, research facilities, outstanding research teams in the field, etc.)
    • Likely impact and benefits on home institution or home country upon completion
  • Personal Statement: (PDF)
    Please submit an essay answering the following questions:
    • Describe yourself: past achievements, strengths, weaknesses, interests, etc.
    • Explain why you wish to participate in the HAESF Senior Leaders and Scholars Fellowship.
    • How will your participation assist you in fulfilling your career and personal goals upon your return?
    • Explain how your participation will contribute to Hungary’s continued progress and development.

You must submit ALL of the required documents at the same time. Ready?

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For all application questions, please contact:

TEL: +36-30-929-4321