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The HAESF Alumni Association is a unique community whose members have crossed cultural and geographical boundaries to gain new skills, knowledge, and experience that has a far-reaching impact on the development of Hungarian society.

All alumni of HAESF programs or recipients of HAESF scholarships are invited to participate in alumni events, publicized through the HAESF Facebook group.

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Alumni Stories

Hajnalka Prácser

Hajnalka Prácser portrait

In 2007, Hajnalka completed her HAESF internship at Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma Valley, California, and Beringer Vineyards in Napa Valley. The experience gained during her internship furthered expansion of her family winery. Upon completion of her internship and return to Hungary in November 2007, she became the principal owner.

Zoltan Bago

Zoltan Bago portrait

Zoltan was a HAESF Professional Intern in 2006. He completed an MBA degree in addition to his engineering training. Upon his return to Hungary, Zoltan ran a highly successful engineering company, Star Seismic Europe, Ltd. During this time, he was instrumental in successfully introducing the company’s earthquake protection system in Turkey, winning a competitive design contract for the construction of the new building of Istanbul Technical University. He is now involved with business development and strategic planning for start-ups. His most current project involves work with a cyber-security company.

Beáta Borzási

Beáta Borzási

Beáta was a HAESF Professional Intern in 2014. She gained experience as a data specialist at boberdoo, a lead distribution software company based in Chicago. The company subsequently opened an office in Budapest, where Beáta continues to work as a data mining analyst.

Péter Szalay

Péter Szalay portrait

Péter, a HAESF Senior Fellow, spent the 2010-2011 academic year at the University of Florida, where he contributed to research for the Quantum Theory Project and thereafter continued his work in theoretical chemistry. He leads his department’s laboratory, in addition to his new position as Vice-Rector of Science of Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest.